The Musary is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Massachusetts; pending 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

The John Ryan Pike Memorial Project is organized exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes described below:

  • to encourage and promote music and the performing arts;
  • to develop the talents and abilities of novice and professional musicians and performers;
  • to provide the public with  access to musical instruments, audio equipment and instructors;
  • to lend musical instruments and audio equipment to professional and novice musicians and performers;
  • to establish a place for musicians to learn, share and collaborate with one another;

main entry: mu·sary
function: noun
inflected form(s): plural mu·sar·ies
date: 21st century
musary - latin, musum; greek and greek mythology, mouseion, mouseios, Mousa
1a. an institution for the acquisition, preservation, study, and exhibition of reflective and original inspiration, creativity, and all works of artistic value.

through the john ryan pike "musary", a lending library of musical instruments, we hope to be able to provide accessibility to instruments and instructors to any individual interested. our intention is to utilize the talents and abilities of the surrounding community, by providing community service opportunities for high school students to connect with students whose music programs have been downsized or completely phased-out.

it is the goal of the john ryan pike memorial project to one day harbor a community of professional and novice musicians alike, interested in learning, sharing and collaborating with one another. working with others in a creative atmosphere and as part of a "band" not only promotes teamwork but can be a catalyst for the development of other skills including but not limited to mathematical and scientific thought. we intend to be a central location for any and all information pertaining to music programs and instruction across the united states.

we aim to provide a service which is currently lacking; an institution which not only provides exposure and accessibility within it's own walls but that can connect with communities and businesses in an effort to expose our youth to the various professional fields associated with the music industry; through internships with local radio stations and recording studios, thus developing skills into lifelong resources.